The Unscripted Reality Show about the Greatest Job in the Entire WORLD.

Check out porn model Vanessa Krane's ACTUAL audition for the porn industry! These are NOT staged, scripted & paid porn scenes you see here. Vanessa Krane is actually trying out for a modeling contract with Mike the Pussy Tester's model & talent management company.

Vanessa Krane's Audition
Round 1 - Humped on the Casting Desk
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Porn Model Vanessa Krane's Stats:

Vanessa Krane
a.k.a. "Lola" in her scripted scene with "Tonio Starr"
Vanessa Krane's Hometowns:
  • San Diego, CA
  • La Mesa, CA
  • Lemon Grove, CA
  • Owings Mills, MD
  • Baltimore, MD
Dollar Amount Paid to Vanessa Krane to Audition:
Zero Dollars & Zero Cents
Vanessa Krane's Age:
Vanessa Krane's Height:
5' 6"
Vanessa Krane's Weight:
109 LB.
Vanessa Krane's Titty Size:
Vanessa Krane's Measurements:
32A-22-36 (n i c e RUMP!)
Vanessa Krane's Piercings:
Slightly-gauged ears
Vanessa Krane's Tattoos:
  • 2 rose tattoos, 1 rose on each arm (one rose tattoo on each bicep)
    rose tattoos on arms biceps of vanessa krane aka lola on homemade media with tonio starr
  • Hibiscus flower tattoo "with two blooms" on back of neck
    hibiscus flower tattoo with two blooms on the back of porn model Vanessa Krane's neck
  • Small black heart tattoo on upper left back (shoulder blade)
  • Lemon (or some sort of yellow fruit) tattoo with mint (or some sort of green) leaves surrounded by red swirl design on upper shoulder blade (upper back)
    small black heart tattoo and lemon or fruit with leaves and red swirl tattoo on Vanessa Krane's back
  • Strange characters on dorsal wrist (lower right arm)
    strange characters on Vanessa Krane's dorsal wrist (lower right arm)

Porn Model Vanessa Krane's Official Filmography

Scripted, Staged &
Paid Performance?
Date Produced
or Published
Site or
2011 D.D.  
No! 2.19.2011

Unscripted & Unpaid
Audition for an
Adult Modeling Contract

- As Vanessa Krane -
Vanessa Krane's Pussy
by Mike the

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the Full-Length
Unscripted &
Yes 04/01/2011

(As "Lola" with "Tonio Starr")
Vanessa claims on this movie that this
was her "1st time on

Well... it was her "1st time on camera..."

After Mike tested her
Pussy, that is!
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Vanessa Krane's Promotional Photos:

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