The Unscripted Reality Show about the Greatest Job in the Entire WORLD.

Loni Legend's FIRST Experience in the Porn Industry... EVER!

Check out 18-year-old teen porn star Loni Legend's ACTUAL audition for the porn industry! These are NOT staged, scripted & paid porn scenes you see here. Loni Legend is actually trying out for a modeling contract with Mike the Pussy Tester's model & talent management company.

Loni Legend, to date, has sucked & fucked numerous porn industry cocks. However, just as King Edward Longshanks invoked “jus primae noctis” (“the right of the first night”) on Scottish peasant newlyweds in a popular Hollywood movie, so Mike the PussyTester invoked the same right on Loni Legend, being the VERY FIRST porn industry cock to penetrate her tight 18-year-old porn-industry-virgin body.

Loni Legend's Audition
Loni Legend VS Mike the Pussy Tester

Round 1 of 2
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Porn Model Loni Legend's Stats:

Porn Names:
  • Loni Legend
Dollar Amount Paid to  Loni Legend to Audition:
  • Zero Dollars & Zero Cents
Loni Legend's Freeones Link:
Loni Legend's Age:
  • 18
Loni Legend's Height:
  • 5'3"
Loni Legend's Weight:
  • 105 LB.
Loni Legend's Titty Size:
  • 34C (natural, beautiful, perky, teenie-tits)
Loni Legend's Piercings:
  • Nose / Nostril (Left side)
Loni Legend's Tattoos:
  • None, but she has an aspiration to one day be covered in them, she says.

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