The Unscripted Reality Show about the Greatest Job in the Entire WORLD.

Check out ebony aspiring porn model Lisa Moaning's ACTUAL audition for the porn industry! These are NOT staged, scripted & paid porn scenes you see here. This ebony aspiring porn model is actually trying out for a modeling contract with Mike the Pussy Tester's model & talent management company.

Lisa Moaning's Audition
Lisa Moaning VS Mike the Pussy Tester
Round 1 of Hardcore Fucking
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Ebony Porn Model Lisa Moaning's Stats:

Lisa Moaning
Lisa Moaning's Hometown:
Fontana, CA
Dollar Amount Paid to Lisa Moaning to Audition:
Zero Dollars & Zero Cents
Lisa Moaning's Age:
Lisa Moaning's Height:
5' 11"
Lisa Moaning's Weight:
150 LB.
Lisa Moaning's Titty Size:
Interesting Tidbits about Lisa Moaning:
  • As she states during her on-camera interview, this ebony aspiring porn model feels that exotic dancing (stripping) is the "bottom of the barrel" of the adult industry. She believes that taking Mike the Pussy Tester's rock-hard cock and swallowing his cum is much "higher class" than those nasty-ol'-strippers. Shooooot... who are we to tell her otherwise?
Lisa Moaning's Tattoos:
One tattoo on left shoulder blade that reads "Poyzine", her old nickname
Ebony Porn Model Lisa Moaning's Audition Photos:

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