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A Note from Mike the Talent Manager, a.k.a. "The Pussy Tester"
April 25, 2011

 "Casting Couch Porn" Genre - Site Comparison
R.K.'s F.T.A.
& Similar Sites
 Big Porn Production Company
 "Agent scamming aspiring porn models
by telling them they have to audition,
and then kicking their ass to the curb"
Legitimate Talent Manager in the Adult Film Industry
Absolutely Staged & Scripted
 Absolutely NOT Staged or Scripted
 Models NOT Actually "Auditioning" For Anything

They are Doing a Porn Scene for Money
 Models are Supposedly Auditioning for a Bogus Talent Agent
Aspiring Models are ACTUALLY Auditioning for a Real Modeling Contract
Good Porn
Good Porn
 Porn for Porn Connoisseurs!

Thank you for visiting my website.

Wikipedia defines "the casting couch, casting couch syndrome or casting couch mentality" as "a term which involves the trading of sexual favors by an aspirant, apprentice employee, or subordinate to a superior, in return for entry into an occupation, or for other career advancement within an organization. The term 'casting couch' originated in the motion picture industry, with specific reference to couches in the offices of casting agents that could be used for sexual activity between the agents and aspiring actresses."

I would like to mention that I LOVE the adult industry, and I fully intend to be involved in it for the rest of my life. I currently make a humble living at it, and I intend to make billions of dollars in it as my businesses expand. I've been promoting new porn starlets as a talent manager in Los Angeles since 2007, and my background was in the mainstream talent management arena before that.

In late-2010, I began a “side-job” venture, which is this REAL REALITY-porn production line that is featured on this website. When I tell people about my site, the people I'm speaking to will sometimes mention another popular website (which I've simply refered to by its acronym of “B.C.C.” on the comparison chart above… true pornography connoisseurs [and the Owner of that site] will know exactly what site I’m referring to) that is part of the same genre as my own. I will not mention other, more experienced producers by name or website here, but I do want to communicate a sincere respect and admiration for those who have paved the way in this industry before me, including the producer of the B.C.C. site.

I currently sell my videos a bit differently than other sites. My videos are sold by individual units (per scene), as opposed to being sold via a monthly membership on my site. Also, my videos are a bit pricier than some other porn available within the “casting couch audition” genre… but they are well worth every penny, because my niche is LITERALLY one-of-a-kind. My porn videos are truly for die-hard porn connoisseurs who have a sincere appreciation for the ART of pornography.

Mine are the ONLY porn videos available in the world, to my knowledge, that feature aspiring porn models getting fucked for their VERY FIRST TIME on camera, LITERALLY as an audition (try out) for an ACTUAL modeling contract with a REAL, LEGITIMATE, ESTABLISHED talent management Company in the porn industry.

Of course, there are many other sites that feature “first-timers” and “porn auditions” and so forth, but they are clearly NOT ACTUAL auditions. They are 1st-time porn models being paid a certain amount of money, to star in their 1st scripted porn scene, which is often STAGED as an “audition”. Some of them are very good porn movies, but my videos are very different. My audition videos feature legal hardcore sexual acts between consenting adults, but they are NOT scripted nor staged, and the aspiring models on EVERY video I produce are ACTUALLY trying-out for a modeling contract with the talent management Company that I work for. After their audition, some pass… others fail… but they all have to audition.

Since I launched this venture in 2010, many hardcore porn fans have purchased my videos. It is absolutely awesome, if you're a fan of a particular porn star, to be able to legally OWN a copy of her ACTUAL audition video for the porn industry. They're not reciting any scripts, they're not expecting a fat paycheck or wad of cash for "letting me" fuck them all afternoon long, and their varying personalities really show through on this raw footage, both during their initial unscripted dialogue interviews with me... and especially once I slide my rock-hard cock inside of them!

Please... Enjoy!

Hakuna Matata,

Talent Manager & Pussy Tester